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Dec 2016
Dec 02 2016 04:28
I am practicing laravel tutorial for beginner.. 😀
Denis Ivanov
Dec 02 2016 04:45
Hi all. Can anybody explain, how Django DB connection works? Docs say that Django uses one persistent connection. So if Django runs in dev mode (with no separate web-server) and clients make requests, then the second client will have to wait until the request of the first one will be done. Do I understand it correctly?
And if I'm using Apache workers, then I'll have the same picture except there will be as many db-connections as many workers Apache is running. Right?
Dec 02 2016 07:25
does anyone here know Channels... i'm trying to learn to use it
but all the guides i'm using are just chats
I have a cloud9 project, if you are willing to help please let me know
sumit sinha
Dec 02 2016 10:42
what will be the cost of back-end development for casino project as a freelance ......for whole functionality ???
Dec 02 2016 11:54
hi there! i have a problem with django+angular spa
i dont understand how it works, bcs if i do some stuff from tutorial, my django projet raise me error 404
  1. i have django project where i have 1 model
  2. i have angular app where i have routing like wher ulr /first > template url /views/first.html
    but when i run django, and go to, i have 404, bcs django dont have ulr '/first'/ in django logic this is okay, but how to fix this?
    actually i try to render html via django and add url for this render, and then in angular in templateUrl i add django url, is this right way to build django-angular spa?
Dec 02 2016 12:26
any ideas?)
Phang Mulianto
Dec 02 2016 14:24
@Ferdellans for SPA better you use Django as the REST api server. Angular have its own router handler. from your point 2. django dont have /first, of course it will have 404 .
Dec 02 2016 16:11
of course, i understand this, but how i can run server? only with django right?So, now i have urls for drf, and i have routse for angular, but i actually run django server, right?
or i miss something
Maksym L
Dec 02 2016 17:08
Hi, everyone!
does anybody know how to add records to DB via model, but with using of postgres functions?
I mean I need smth like that:
INSERT INTO ... VALUES ('1', pgp_sym_encrypt('text', 'key', 'cipher-algo=aes256'), 'hello');
Phang Mulianto
Dec 02 2016 17:49
@Ferdellans you run DRF for the API backend, and the angular part is just a static files.
you can put it on django static path or just serve it using nginx, and the js app query the API through DRF
so your spa can be in your DJango static path, or on other webserver , or in client devices
Dec 02 2016 17:51
Phang Mulianto
Dec 02 2016 17:52
hope helps.. i not use angular, but marionettejs.