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Dec 2016
Dec 10 2016 01:25
Dec 10 2016 01:46
@pkariz the link @ajkotsubailo posted to you is correct, you would use this in combination with a view to return the data. The view you can choose which method, post or get to pull your data... Although convention states modifing == post, reading == get
Kaushal Kumar
Dec 10 2016 07:19
I want to show many json in template. When I do {{ users }} it simply prints it as a string. I want to print json as collapsible and expandable.. is there any package available to show json like structure in template
Json tree viewer
Gourav Chawla
Dec 10 2016 10:53
Does anyone here knows how can I fetch a database table column in django? Table was created manually by writing sql commands and not through model.
Dec 10 2016 18:01
@Gouravchawla if the databses wasnt built by django then you'll want to do do a ```
./ inspectdb