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Feb 2017
Dave Merwin
Feb 02 2017 00:06 UTC
hey folks, I have a Migrate issue that only happens on ONE server. Everywhere else it works great. It's a key error where it says that something is missing but the table isn't relevant. ANy suggestions on how to troubleshoot?
Feb 02 2017 02:17 UTC
What key is it missing? Is the key in your tables or something you have coded. If not then you'll have to trace it back and see if it's a bug that exists in Django or if it's one that needs to be created
Pavel Burns
Feb 02 2017 08:26 UTC
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Stoyan Konstantinov
Feb 02 2017 08:28 UTC
Hello everyone :)
Thomas PEDOT
Feb 02 2017 10:43 UTC
Feb 02 2017 10:43 UTC
Dave Merwin
Feb 02 2017 16:23 UTC
@flyboy1565 oddly enough, I think it's an issue with Webfaction. I've done the same migration on three different servers now and it works fine. It's only on Webfaction.
Feb 02 2017 21:09 UTC
hello can somebody to help me with django images(upload/download) from the users ?