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Feb 2017
Feb 07 2017 07:17
@koderNeptune Did you set "User-Agent" & tried that scape item? curious to know the result :)
Antonis Christofides
Feb 07 2017 08:40
@tulpn If you change from mod_wsgi to Gunicorn, you won't be needing to restart Apache (or nginx) each time you change the code, but you will still be needing to restart Gunicorn. (In theory this might also be the case for mod_wsgi, since it starts different processes, but I don't know if mod_wsgi can be restarted and how, without restarting (or reloading) Apache.)
@tulpn Also note that, contrary to what many people think, if you switch to Gunicorn, you don't also need to switch to nginx. Apache works great with Gunicorn:
Miracle Ayodele
Feb 07 2017 09:16
@sopanshewale used it, not working yet
i am using scrapy with django, i have done all neccessary settings and yet, srapy is no longer see my spider
Feb 07 2017 09:21
@koderNeptune - suggests you to try scrappy tool forums
Miracle Ayodele
Feb 07 2017 12:04
yeah, thanks @sopanshewale . I am just curious about the project, i know i will learn much from it
Miracle Ayodele
Feb 07 2017 14:13
hi guys, anyone worked with scrapy and django?
i was able to use scrapy alone
all the tutorials i got on scrapy and django created django project and scrapy project in the same directory but i have issues calling django models in scrapy
Gourav Chawla
Feb 07 2017 15:06
@nadirollo I need something like that too. Country state and then city menu for example. Let me know if you find something useful.
Feb 07 2017 15:07
Hey @Gouravchawla… I’m about to give up...
I’ve been digging for 2 days all over the internet, and the closest that I’ve found is
Gourav Chawla
Feb 07 2017 15:13
That is what's happening to me. Nada in the name of examples or leads.
Feb 07 2017 15:19
yup, I had to accept that what I’m trying to do does not fit in the django space
I have like… 7 layers of models, related by FK’s which I wanted to compose into one form...
But… no luck for now
Feb 07 2017 17:59

do you guys know how to specify a path to the component roots?

trying to add this:

but Idk where
Feb 07 2017 18:58
hello i need help for TemporaryFileUploadHandler,can somebody to help me ?
Ananthu Saseendran
Feb 07 2017 19:11
os.environ.setdefault("DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE", "mysite.settings")
import error
we were talking private