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Feb 2017
Jeff Gibson
Feb 16 2017 06:13
I agree two scoops is great
Feb 16 2017 07:14
I like two scoops as well
Feb 16 2017 07:15
I came across one more book - Lightweight Django: Using REST, WebSockets, and Backbone .
The Backbone is outdated - but this one also looks good book.
thank you @ecugol and rest. It was useful discussion
Subha Bera
Feb 16 2017 07:29
Any good package for admin controlled login system in django?
Paul A. Aranguren
Feb 16 2017 07:57
@Sopan why do developers choose a lightweight Django style and avoid flask? Is there a production reason for this or just because it's easier?
I ask because you mentioned hay book
Feb 16 2017 08:01
@Paulguren - Good Question. I have not yet read both books from above discussions. Actually no one will have any real answer to your question :smile: . We just end-up developing by using something which we pick first and try to convince ourself for our own decision.
Flask vs Lightweigth Django - not sure if this is anything one should compare
Paul A. Aranguren
Feb 16 2017 08:02
@sopan makes sense
Antonis Christofides
Feb 16 2017 08:45
@sopanshewale @Paulguren I don't know flask but I have a colleague who does. He dislikes Django because it's bloated. OTOH I like Django because I like "batteries included". I think that people want to be told "do it in this and this and this way" and not be given too many options, and Django reduces the mental overhead needed to choose options. And I've seen people (apparently Django fans) say "if you don't use the ORM and templates, don't use Django, use Flask".
Feb 16 2017 08:48
@aptiko - Very True. I am using Django sufficiently long time now (6 months or more). I have delivered fairly complex project, played many tricks around features of Django.
When it came to delivery REST API service - I jumped onto Falcon Framework . In fact Flask was also good choice to develop such service. I wanted to remove some pieces (e.g. Authentication) while developing the service. The point is - many things are included with Django though they are not required (batteries included saves time for new developers).
BTW - started with Lightweight Django book - first chapter is best. It demonstrated Django App without going via traditional "django-admin startproject .... " method. Single File Django Application - sounds good :)
Paul A. Aranguren
Feb 16 2017 14:50
I'm curious because I'm new and every class starts me off with Flask, and I'm having trouble getting Flask down completely; it's not hard, it's just new for me. I've never tried Django so I don't know where to stand on that. However I do know most of the companies offering jobs prefer Django over Flask. I guess Django just lets you get stuff up and running much quicker
@sopan @aptiko
Antonis Christofides
Feb 16 2017 16:56
@Paulguren That companies prefer Django over Flask could simply be because Django has been here much longer, so the existing code base and experience should be larger.
Ananthu Saseendran
Feb 16 2017 19:14
pls help
how can i Solve this
Matthew Egan
Feb 16 2017 23:27
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had an experience with pytest-django at all? I'm trying to use it in our large project but am getting IntegrityErrors everywhere due to unique constraints however without pytest (just using the default django test command) all tests pass. Without rewriting all the tests (1000+) does anyone have suggestions for getting the same behaviour? My motivation for pytest is to get the xunit data for use with out CI tool