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Feb 2017
Feb 18 2017 09:43
hi gays, i get error "connect() to unix:///var/run/malutka.sock failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server:,"
on nginx when i try to tie nginx and python with uwsgi , please help me
Feb 18 2017 19:49
hi @all why there is no good CRUD code generator for Django?
Sergey Silaev
Feb 18 2017 19:51
@ikhahmedov hi, I'm not sure but maybe because it don't needed.
Feb 18 2017 20:00
@ssilaev, after developing some apps in django, I feel like I need one (maybe others too), I have created tool for myself (which is definitely not ready for public)
but in general, everytime I get some contract job, it starts from creating models, then creating CRUD views for them, then polishing UI with bootstrap,...
Sergey Silaev
Feb 18 2017 20:25
@ikhahmedov good for you, I think this is the situation when everyone already has personal CRUD's.
@ikhahmedov Actually, I even don't use them and write it again and again and again..
@ikhahmedov probably It's because I use them not so often.