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Feb 2017
Miracle Ayodele
Feb 23 2017 07:07
anyone online, i need help on how to handle modal form in django
Brett MacDonald
Feb 23 2017 07:08
@koderNeptune I will give it a shot
Miracle Ayodele
Feb 23 2017 07:34
the issue is, when i click on the button that's meant to popup modal form, i get the main template page
if there is anyone that can help, i will really appreciate
Miracle Ayodele
Feb 23 2017 12:19
where are the django experts
Richard Price
Feb 23 2017 13:29
I'm no expert but that sounds like either a) its opening a url that has defaulted to the root page - perhaps you've forgot to give it a url or b) the javascript isnt quite right
Philip Eckert
Feb 23 2017 14:59
Anybody ever ran into issues with form validation on the new IE (edge) browser?
I'm getting a validation error that crashes the site, but it's only on IE and doesn't happen on any other browser. I can't locate the source of the error.
Feb 23 2017 15:46
Can I get my superuser to make a salt of a field in a db? if so how?
Miracle Ayodele
Feb 23 2017 17:03
@richardjprice i have been able to fix that with the help of @ArtistsTechGuy
i just want ti know if their is any tool for referral links