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Mar 2017
Mar 01 2017 04:42 UTC
Miracle Ayodele
Mar 01 2017 07:39 UTC
hi, any help on django reCAPTCHA and custom forget password?
Mar 01 2017 08:44 UTC
hello everyone
Gururaj Jeerge
Mar 01 2017 08:45 UTC
Hi @Jaraxuss
Mar 01 2017 08:46 UTC
I've learned about Flask.And I'm now doing my job with ASP.NET.
@gururajjeerge Hi
Hasan Alayli
Mar 01 2017 15:48 UTC
Is it safe to run migrate in parallel on multiple machines? I have a cluster with some deploy scripts using cloudformation and it's possible that they can all run migrate at the same time.
Pami Ketolainen
Mar 01 2017 18:08 UTC
@halayli: I don't know for sure, but I would assume it is not safe
Mar 01 2017 20:21 UTC
Hello world!
new here
Just beginning to follow the free code camp curriculum but don't see th Python strand?