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Apr 2017
Karan Singh
Apr 03 2017 04:17 UTC
Guys, a newcomer here
Just had a question
How much python should I know to help with the Django work?
Apart from the documentation, I really want to help with the code
But don't know how to go on
Plus, I've recently begun with python
Anish Shrestha
Apr 03 2017 04:24 UTC
Knowing python first is your way to go.
Taka Liew
Apr 03 2017 04:25 UTC
Completing 'Learn Python the Hard Way' should be sufficient to do Django work
Karan Singh
Apr 03 2017 04:31 UTC
thanks guys :)
btw any gsoc applicants here?
Theofanis Despoudis
Apr 03 2017 08:22 UTC
@takaliew You should also complete TDD with python
that will get you in good level
Apr 03 2017 12:49 UTC
Taka Liew
Apr 03 2017 13:21 UTC
@theodesp Thanks for the advice. :smile:
Ismael Venegas Castelló
Apr 03 2017 14:40 UTC
Hello everyone!