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Apr 2017
Apr 09 2017 00:44
why this community is dead !
Anish Shrestha
Apr 09 2017 04:24
Soo dead
Apr 09 2017 04:25
Hi, I'd like to create a custom URL with a model instance identifier, after I created the model via the django admin. Does anyone have an idea, how I could do that? The URL should be custom. i.e I create a blog entry via the default admin, after I hit save, a URL is shown to this blog entry. I could then copy the url and send it to someone. Once they click on the link they will be directed to the front end where they can read the blog entry.
Apr 09 2017 05:00
Unfortunately it appears that there is a good deal of people looking for help, but not a lot of people helping
@tulpn and the normal convention of http://localhost/blog/id won't work?
Or even swapping I'd for a slug field
So if you define that method, the admin interface will show the "View on site" link
Anish Shrestha
Apr 09 2017 17:15
Fun Fact - The framework was named after guitarist Django Reinhardt.