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Apr 2017
Apr 23 2017 03:47
hello people. any django freelancers here??
Apr 23 2017 04:28
Is anyone available to help solve a python problem?
Anish Shrestha
Apr 23 2017 05:56
I want to create dynamic filters based upon the queryset obtained as the result.
search filters
So anyone that has done this before, can you point me to how to do this?
Apr 23 2017 08:04
@joshua1983 You have to use Django REST Framework
Anish Shrestha
Apr 23 2017 16:16

@AlexandreProenca I am using django-filters. Yes.
My case is somewhat complex.
I have a general model here, say Item. An item instance may have color attribute but another may not, and it may have something like size. So, to cope with this situation, I have used postgres's JsonField which contains all these dynamic attributes that don't appear in all instances, but one or more.
Now depending upon the search, say search has been done for iPhone. The results are going to have a color attribute (general case). And hence, i want to have a search-filter such that it is going to have a field color but not the size.

I hope you guys understand the problem. Any other solution for such scenario is welcome.