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Apr 2017
Subha Bera
Apr 24 2017 06:33 UTC
Hi everyone,
Can anyone suggest a kickass networking book in python?
Erick Delfin
Apr 24 2017 08:57 UTC
Hey guys, I'm a big fan of the Django REST Framework, and since I didn't find cheat-sheet for reference, I decided to make my own.
Not advertising it by any means, I just made it to contribute to this awesome community.
Subha Bera
Apr 24 2017 09:03 UTC
@Nifled just checked it out. Good initiative :)
Erick Delfin
Apr 24 2017 09:04 UTC
@subha-py Thanks :smile: ! If anyone wants to contribute, I'm more than open to that. There's still lots of things that can be added
Subha Bera
Apr 24 2017 09:04 UTC
Okay will try to do some for sure.
Apr 24 2017 09:39 UTC
How do we format dateField in django template?
{{|date:'D d M Y' }} does not work for me and i dont know why or maybe because this is only applicable for datetimefield?
Erick Delfin
Apr 24 2017 09:54 UTC
@badcoder28 How about trying {{|date:'d M Y' }} ?
Erick Delfin
Apr 24 2017 10:01 UTC
Should work if you change your datefield object to a datetimefield
Pavel Grochal
Apr 24 2017 12:55 UTC

@badcoder28 The problem has to be somewhere else. It should take dateField normally. Try using just {{ }} and {{ | date }}
```$ python shell

from django.template import defaultfilters as filters
from datetime import date )
u'April 24, 2017', 'D d M Y' )
u'Mon 24 Apr 2017'

Apr 24 2017 13:36 UTC
Hi all!
Upgrading a project from Django 1.9 to Django 1.10 and running into an issue that I cannot explain. I'm using Django's UUIDField on a model as primary_key.
In 1.9 this field always returned a UUID (both on model create as on model fetch)
In 1.10 this field only returns a UUID on fetch, after create it's a string. This breaks several unittests which currently assertEqual both model instances, they were similar in 1.9, they are no longer in 1.10.
Apr 24 2017 13:43 UTC
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Apr 24 2017 15:04 UTC
@backbenchersco what is your location? is remote possible?
Apr 24 2017 16:07 UTC
Yes it is
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