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Apr 2017
Apr 25 2017 04:30
@Nifled maybe @Darkless012 is right i have problem somewhere in my app
Note that this can’t work with signed cookie sessions - since only HTTP responses can set cookies, it needs a backend it can write to to separately store state.
What's another option?
Apr 25 2017 09:56
@backbenchersco how many openings , can i get to apply remote
Daniel Nordberg
Apr 25 2017 12:58
Hey, how can I add the app name in the user permissions since I have multiple apps with the same models.
Sorry, how can I "add the app name"
.. This is in regards to the admin user permissions
Daniel Nordberg
Apr 25 2017 14:22
Neve mind, was using xadmin which overrides this
Apr 25 2017 15:41
how to create application like facebook
any help
Kaushal Kumar
Apr 25 2017 18:39

@MBijman Sorry for replying late. Was too busy.
when i do ls -l
in /etc/systemd/system
one row is

. . .
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  326 Apr 21 00:01 gunicorn.service
. . .

I have written detailed my problem above. I know its dangerous to run shell command from django but I need to do this for now. Thanks

I want to run a shell command from my django application. It works fine if I run it using runserver but the command doesn't work on production(nginx + gunicorn).
os.system(command) and subprocess.check_call(command)
Both worksin development in but not in production.
Apr 25 2017 21:19
@kaushal087 it's becoming to complicated for giving advice
but first check the syslog, or gunicorn logging, and make sure gunicorn logging is on.
that is all I can do without logs of the issue from this chat