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Apr 2017
Pierry A. Pereira
Apr 26 2017 02:14
does anyone could help me with a problem
I have a form in django generated from a model, this model have a manytomany relashionship with other model
the problem is: I want to add the inner model entries before select this entries to save the parent model
Anish Shrestha
Apr 26 2017 04:58
@pierryangelo then you need to create form for the inner model as well?
Or are you talking about inline form?
Apr 26 2017 12:53
anyone knows a free course for django + angularjs?
Apr 26 2017 14:01
How do i add a locally stored image to a imagefield
I'm trying to make my backend crop an image and then assign to a seperate value
Apr 26 2017 15:51
@flyboy1565 sad but it aint free, i have an account there and you have to pay to enroll in order to access full session
Apr 26 2017 15:52
Eh I learned a ton from the youtube videos
If they host the videos on YouTube and files on GitHub. I consider it free :)
Apr 26 2017 18:07


I am trying to develop a "Sim Registration System" where a subscriber will be registered with finger print. Hence I intend to use django but I find it difficult to implement the finger print feature.
I will be glad if anyone could explain how it could be implemented.