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Apr 2017
Apr 27 2017 05:54
hello, does anyone know how to send data in db? throsh bids?
Michele Gatti
Apr 27 2017 06:38
Apr 27 2017 06:39
Michele Gatti
Apr 27 2017 06:49
i 've a question about DRF + django-filters
Apr 27 2017 06:50
I used to it for a little period
Michele Gatti
Apr 27 2017 07:01
Is possible filtered all colum of my model by default?
Apr 27 2017 07:02
@mikeleg Yes. By default use Meta class
Here is my example
class FactoryBookingFilter(django_filters.FilterSet):
    mechanic = django_filters.ModelMultipleChoiceFilter(name='mechanics', queryset=Mechanic.objects.all())

    class Meta:
        model = FactoryBooking
        fields = "__all__"

class FactoryBookingViewSet(BaseModelViewSet):
    queryset = FactoryBooking.objects.all()
    serializer_class = FactoryBookingWithStageSerializer
    filter_backends = (filters.DjangoFilterBackend,)
    filter_class = FactoryBookingFilter
    permission_classes = []
    authentication_classes = []
Michele Gatti
Apr 27 2017 07:05
@elcolie thanks
Apr 27 2017 07:06
@mikeleg ^^
Michele Gatti
Apr 27 2017 09:36
some body use buildbot?
Damilare Onajole
Apr 27 2017 10:41
anyone using docker with django here?
how do I attach to a running container?
Apr 27 2017 12:21
@flyboy1565 yes those of angularjs and django were both free and a lot of subhects but djangular subject is not free you can check this
They have a bunch of good stuffs too, glad there is a site that fits my skill and interest with angularjs and django haha
Cristian Samaniego
Apr 27 2017 18:37
@Musbell is your fingerprint scanner generating a string whenever you scan a fingerprint? I've seen some scanners that do that just like barcode scanners do, if thats the case you can just add a field for the fingerprint and use something like a password input to read from it
Apr 27 2017 18:40
any ideas for setting up celery to work with django
Apr 27 2017 18:50
@chrisRubiano thanks the problem i can't get the return result from tasks don't know why every thing works fine but with no return