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May 2017
Bon Osonwanne
May 10 2017 03:03
@chrisRubiano it says that's Python 3, does it work with Python 2.7?
May 10 2017 03:11
@osonwanne the developer has just remove the support for python2.7 . For example, they remove all __future__ code and any references to the six library
Bon Osonwanne
May 10 2017 03:12
OK, @ianhhhhhhhhe so it doesn't work with Python 2.7 - I'm looking for a startproject template for Python 2.7
I'm not using Python 3 yet.
May 10 2017 03:19
Guys do you know if there is more work with pure Python or Django?
Katerina Kabardi
May 10 2017 08:53
hi, I'm working on an a django app that needs to upgrade for support using 1.10 new style Middleware
the app has one custom Middleware class
and needs to keep supporting Middleware for older django versions
Does any one have any experience on something relevant to this?
Anish Shrestha
May 10 2017 09:10
Guys, TestCase question here. Being specific this is more like drf APITestCase. Rather than doing, is there a way to simply warn or notify myself that this particular test needs completing.
May 10 2017 10:06
hi guys
Michele Gatti
May 10 2017 14:56
is possible create a model from a view into a external db?
Cristian Samaniego
May 10 2017 16:43
@badcoder28 I cant get the code highlighting on my templates to work
J. Dalton Childers
May 10 2017 20:07
What’s the best way to work with ChoicesFields in the HTML? I’ve been debating not using the forms defaults so I have more control over the css…but on an update form I can’t get the select box to return the correct value in the database…It’ll just default to first selectable option.
Omar Lozada
May 10 2017 22:11
Hi, I'm working on a Django app using 1.10, I have a field on my model which contains paths , for now when viewing the form I use CharField, is the better way of handling this. So it looks like a browse button, and saves the path you browsed?