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May 2017
May 14 2017 01:35
@AndrewMlamba , can you post your installed apps?
May 14 2017 06:32
@flyboy1565 , Thanks for your response. i had an incorrect folder structure. Thats why.
May 14 2017 06:38
Hello everyone, I have a question about i18n: Django's default translation seems to take higher priority than the one in my app/locale directory. Have your encountered similar problems?
May 14 2017 11:05
Sort of
but not exactly your issue @sunqingyao
May 14 2017 12:14
@EvolvedAltair I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or it's Django's bug :/
May 14 2017 14:00
@sunqingyao i'm not sure
@sunqingyao ask stack overflow
Shashank Sharma
May 14 2017 14:22
Hey guys,
Currently I am working on Django web app which scrape one website, get some content and then shows it on page after reloading. I was wondering that is it possible to scrape and show the content without reloading the web page like dynamically. I am not sure which tools to use to achieve it or may be it is not possible at all. I am confused :/
May 14 2017 18:03
@sunqingyao oh, ok
@sunqingyao well good luck fixing this issue
Ryan Moore
May 14 2017 19:34
is there best practice on where to put functions i want to use for multiple migration files? i'm just wondering if theres a suggested file for an app where i could place those or should i add them to migration files as needed?