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May 2017
Ryan Moore
May 24 2017 02:37
im designing a database around a django app. Do i need Link Tables if I assign ManyToMany relationships on my models?
Ryan Moore
May 24 2017 02:44
Nm. I would use the 'through' attribute
Patrick Zhang
May 24 2017 03:24
Hey guys. Just recently joined this channel. We are wondering if anyone had experience with API versioning with Django and Django Rest. Would gladly to talk in-depth on the topic. The
May 24 2017 06:50
Definitely not an in depth person, but feel free to put your questions in here.. if someone know, they'll usually chime in
May 24 2017 08:56
hello friends
can anyone tell me if instagram is build in django and python
then how it is converted into android or ios
May 24 2017 08:57
Should be Django REST
Michele Gatti
May 24 2017 09:21
How can be possible search on ArrayField in django?