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May 2017
May 29 2017 06:54
@1rjun did you register with Freenode ?
May 29 2017 07:23
yes now i have done
n problem solved thanx
Anish Shrestha
May 29 2017 08:39
What is the difference between : X-CSRFToken used in the header and csrfmiddlewaretoken used as the form body, though both contains the samevalue
I got Status code 403 when i used as form field (via POSTMAN), and it got solved when i used the same CSRF token in the header with X-CSRFToken. Whats the difference?
FYI : I am sending patch request in ModelViewSet
May 29 2017 08:45
Hi All, I am Yoosuf, was been in to Ruby (Rails) then PHP(Laravel) and now going to explore the Python (Django). wish me luck