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Jun 2017
Jun 04 2017 00:31
Hi @flyboy1565 sorry I saw your message only now
yes I am
Jun 04 2017 00:43
Nice are u you GitHub..I'd like to see how you are doing it
Jun 04 2017 00:54
Atm not
but I can try to put up a sample (but I'm really new to it as well)
But I'm just using the rest framework and the webpack to bundle vue.js and then I just import it with a <script> tag
I didn't really got too fancy! :D
Jun 04 2017 01:03
Oh ya.. I'm going for a completely uncoupled drf and frontend
Jun 04 2017 01:04
yes that's what I'm doing
I'm even using directly {{}} for vue totally overwriting django
Kaushal Kumar
Jun 04 2017 01:10
@flyboy1565 It's not single page application
@wbeyda I have tried that. I prevented default action on the link click and show loading click and click the link via jquery . But it's not working. Y question is does Python social auth runs some js for login
Patrick Zhang
Jun 04 2017 01:29
Anyone can help me on this issue:
I created a signal called: client_created, with args: client and request.
Then I'm sending this signal with: client_created.send(sender=self.class, client=instance, request=request)
And I get a TypeError, client_created() takes at least 2 Args, 1 given.