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Jun 2017
Jun 06 2017 11:12
what do you think will happen if you have almost 800 queries in just a single GET request? i track this stuff using django-silk and looking to the end-point it is only a simple viewset methods that retrieve a list of object.
Gourav Chawla
Jun 06 2017 12:15
Anyone who has worked with pdf generation in Django? I'm looking for generating pdf from template.
I've tried Weasyprint so far. Not getting the kind of results I want. Anyone who has done this kind of thing with some django app with relative ease?
Ahmed Kotb
Jun 06 2017 12:17
you could do it from JS as well, and play with some CSS to hide and show elements you want
Gourav Chawla
Jun 06 2017 12:20
Hmmm, does that involve scraping?
Gourav Chawla
Jun 06 2017 12:26
They are using the browser print function. I habe tried that. I want a more customized pdf than just the print of whole page. Thanks for the suggestion though.
Jun 06 2017 13:31
@flyboy1565 i know how to do that but i think is better on
Jun 06 2017 15:38
Looking for a contractor who’s interested in helping out with a Django REST API Heroku hosted project. Need assistance getting Staging -> Production / CI Process setup.
Jun 06 2017 16:48

Hi! I've been using Python for ages, particularly in scientific computing, machine learning, etc. I've also made use of libraries like requests, beautifulsoup, etc. and am familiar with HTTP POST/GET/etc. But actual web application development is new to me. I have a few questions.

I need to integrate a front-end interface I've been working on into a page of a web application using Django in the back. The front-end interface is static, using a library called "Uikit", Jquery (A dependency of UIkit), a canvas library called "P5.js", and webpack is bundling everything into this one nice javascript file that I simply <script src="..."> at the body of an html page.

1 - Could you advise me on whether or not there is a straightforward way of adding a static webpage like this which is using 3rd party javascript libraries, to a minimal Django web app, i.e. browsing to main page (view?) of the app bringing you to the same webpage I've created?

If not straightforward, I'd appreciate any guidance/advice on how to solve this!

2- Is it straightforward to add client-side functionality on a webpage (e.g. index.html) that can call back-end python functions with parameters (probably encoded in a POST request?) without refreshing /re-rendering the page?

Thanks for your patience with me, I'm only about a month into 'full stack'(?) web development now, these are problems I've been working on for a few weeks and I think this is an appropriate place to ask for help.

Craig Johnson
Jun 06 2017 17:21
@criticalhits - You have to configure the static folders. Here's a link to the docs: