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Jun 2017
Rupesh Harode
Jun 08 2017 07:05
@cotizcesar Go through DjangoGirlsTutorial. They have some pretty awesome material and you will be up and running in a day.
Anupriya Rentala
Jun 08 2017 09:05
Is this a wrong place to ask help with Flask :smile:
Jun 08 2017 09:15
LOL,u r very funny!!
Anupriya Rentala
Jun 08 2017 10:10
So, I made a Python webapp with Flask
It creates an image.. I need a url endpoint to access it.
I deployed it on Azure
Any idea how to get that? Even keywords to search for would help
Anish Shrestha
Jun 08 2017 16:10
@badcoder28 maybe Pagination can help you
Jun 08 2017 16:28
can someone brief me about how to make a web crawler using django
Jun 08 2017 19:22
Adam Hopkins
Jun 08 2017 21:03
@anjalijaiswal08 why django and not