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Jun 2017
Miracle Ayodele
Jun 10 2017 02:23 UTC
hi guys how do i make two authentication system for different users
i am working on a project that requires a different information from an individual user and an agent
Miracle Ayodele
Jun 10 2017 02:57 UTC
what is the best approach to tackle this
Jun 10 2017 03:24 UTC
So you have 2 profiles... agent and customer. Or you want to extend the base user?
Miracle Ayodele
Jun 10 2017 05:12 UTC
@flyboy1565 i have a custom user already
which works for the individual/general user login
so i decided to use the same custom authentication for agents and in my settings i have two AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS
which i use to login
but the issue is, if i login as a general user and used the login details of the agent, it logs me in
also if i use the login details of agent on general user, it logs me in
i need it to make it login details for general user stick to general
and agent details to agent
Aaron Reisman
Jun 10 2017 05:24 UTC
can someone tell me how I can know where the links of each version of a package come from?
like for example, the link to pgcli is: but how can I find a newer version of that link?
Nathan A. Patterson
Jun 10 2017 05:37 UTC
@lifeiscontent - Maybe try:
Jun 10 2017 09:18 UTC
anyone worked on django-oscar project
Anish Shrestha
Jun 10 2017 13:48 UTC
Can I have models.EmailField with unique, blank and null all set to True ????
Jun 10 2017 17:59 UTC
Hello everyone, how bad it is to have a shared database for production and development?
I'm debugging some problems I noticed on production and since I use different databases I ended up doing all the debugging directly in production which led me to the idea of using the production database also in my dev app? Is it a terrible idea?
Aarush Verma
Jun 10 2017 19:33 UTC
anyone plz suggest open source organization for contributing in django
Kyle Mulka
Jun 10 2017 19:35 UTC
You mean like an open source project that uses Django?
Aarush Verma
Jun 10 2017 19:36 UTC
Kyle Mulka
Jun 10 2017 19:38 UTC
Maybe check out this list:
Aarush Verma
Jun 10 2017 19:39 UTC
thank you @mulka