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Jun 2017
Erick Delfin
Jun 12 2017 08:37 UTC
@riskypandey_twitter I noticed the site was down all day yesterday, and for some time the day before. It's up and running again though! :smile:
Here's a good alternative:
Oleg Chepil
Jun 12 2017 12:36 UTC
hi folks! i found nice source about Django framework in mozzilla
Vinicius Camargo
Jun 12 2017 21:36 UTC
hey folks, I'm kind of newbie to python and I want to ask you how do you automate your dev environment for python? ie. it seems there's no task runner for python
so if you want to activate the virtualenv for the current directory you type . venv/bin/activateevery time you want to work on that directory?
or do you automate this task with something like make venv?
Jun 12 2017 22:32 UTC
@viniciusCamargo What do you mean by task runner?