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Jun 2017
Omar Lozada
Jun 18 2017 05:52
Hi, anybody tried using django-formtools?
I have a NamedUrlWizardView, that saves the form data for every step. What I can't figure out is why on the last step submit, it gets redirected to step1 and raise the ValidationError("Repository exists"), it looked like i'm not reaching the done() method. Here are the relevant codes
Abhinandan Panigrahi
Jun 18 2017 14:15
Need help with django-rest-auth. Anyone willing to help via PM?
Jun 18 2017 22:09
Why does the django manage command startproject create a project folder and a child folder with the same name?
This causes import errors in my and I'm forced to play with my sys.path to fix them. What is the reasoning behind this behavior?