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Jun 2017
Jun 20 2017 03:09
@romantolkachyov I will get back to you as fast as I can. I have to swtich to another job. Please on hold with me
Jun 20 2017 06:27
In your serializer uses PrimaryKeyRelatedField.
hardik Gajjar
Jun 20 2017 06:30
DecimalField(max_digits=9, decimal_places=6) is this good way to store lat long in MySQL
Roman Tolkachyov
Jun 20 2017 06:54
@SanskarSans it is better to use generic view in your case
Nishant Suman
Jun 20 2017 09:03
I have a sql query : select * from table_name where first_name like 'n'. How to write this using ORM??
Nishant Suman
Jun 20 2017 09:10
like '___n__'
@cheng337002 No not this..
Chris Cheng
Jun 20 2017 09:30
sorry, i can't find the method, maybe you can use regex like __iregex=r'^.{3}n' or raw sql?
Nishant Suman
Jun 20 2017 09:31
okay. Thanks ..
Anish Shrestha
Jun 20 2017 10:12
@gajjar8055 Have you ried FloatField()?
Abhinandan Panigrahi
Jun 20 2017 11:29
How can I get django-rest-framework-jwt to return tokens with expiry timestamp in milliseconds, and not seconds?
Jun 20 2017 23:23
Is someone here ?
can somone help me
Kyle Mulka
Jun 20 2017 23:24
@delirious44 just post your question. Someone will see it eventually
Jun 20 2017 23:24
Well I have a specific question
See. Im making a website where you rate things
the like button is within a form that has the action to an url that i set up
the url has /<id>/up
for upvote
but see.. if the user knows some things and looks up the action at that form
can see his id , and just abuse and write the url
everytime and make a ton of likes
how do i prevent that ?