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Jun 2017
Hassen ben tanfous
Jun 23 2017 02:38
@fuuman , you mean a project that you can do to learn django?
@s13g3lb4um In your Do you have MEDIA_URL?
Jun 23 2017 04:34
Jun 23 2017 04:47
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I upload ~15MB file and read records from it and put to the postgres table
At first time it works, but when I keep testing it. It raises an error
Marco Schanz
Jun 23 2017 07:44
@elcolie Thank you, that's what I meant
Saurav Agrawal
Jun 23 2017 08:46
Hey can anyone help me in integrating websocket in django
Jun 23 2017 12:36
Hi , anyone here
Elcolie, your userID reminds me of E. coli
Anish Shrestha
Jun 23 2017 16:19
@asaurav025 django-channels is there for you.
Saurav Agrawal
Jun 23 2017 16:57
@annshress I followed some website but my websocket get disconnect before it is connected....
@annshress if you can recommend some blogs aur YouTube channel for using channel in django
Jun 23 2017 17:40
hello guys i am new to django.. what concepts do i nees to learn in python ­čśâ
Jun 23 2017 17:58
@aman1193 try learning concepts from they have python courses shallow enough for you to learn django
Jun 23 2017 19:03
thanks poorna
Saurav Agrawal
Jun 23 2017 19:21
What is difference between authentication and permission in django rest framework
Ismael Venegas Castell├│
Jun 23 2017 19:41
Hello eeryone!
Ismael Venegas Castell├│
Jun 23 2017 20:00

I have this field in a model:

agent = models.ForeignKey(User, on_delete=models.CASCADE)

But I would like to filter only the users that belong to certain group.
Ismael Venegas Castell├│
Jun 23 2017 20:12
I know I can do:
>>> from django.contrib.auth.models import User, Group
>>> super = Group.objects.get(pk=1)
>> User.objects.filter(groups=super)
<QuerySet [<User: Bec>, <User: vizendev>]>
but I would like to filter from the model field directly, is this possible, I see the ForeignKey field model, has a filter keyword argument, but I haven't found examples on how to use it.
Ismael Venegas Castell├│
Jun 23 2017 20:19
Ah no that was my mistake, no filter keyword, there is limit_choices_to, seems what I was looking for
SUPERVISOR_GROUP = Group.objects.filter(name__istartswith="super")
    agent = models.ForeignKey(User, on_delete=models.CASCADE, limit_choices_to={'groups': SUPERVISOR_GROUP})
that worked like a charm! :D
J. Dalton Childers
Jun 23 2017 21:37
How should I handle my app structure if I have a hand full of models which are going to be FKs in other models? Should I place all of these models inside of a core app (something needed by all apps) or create a separate app for each model? Models I'm looking at create are for office, org info, etc...these things will have maybe 3 to 5 fields per model. I was thinking all separate apps, since I think that's recommended in the Two scoops of django books but I thought I should get a second opinion before creating X apps for just office location info.
Jun 23 2017 23:01
could use some help.. i have been fighting for like 3 months trying to get my head around DRF.
I want to go to a url /api/locations/district/XXXX this would then give a list of stores in the that district. I have included the error message in my github.