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Jun 2017
Shashank Parekh
Jun 28 2017 05:21
@jdaltonchilders all those fields are in different model?
And is modeld also contains User Foreign key?
Christopher Ventura
Jun 28 2017 14:14
For everyone having trouble with Django urls and regex's (or just want to make your life easier) try Djurl
Bernardo Smaniotto
Jun 28 2017 18:52
Hey, I just started this lib to manage migrations with multiple branches in development environment, would appreciate some feedback:
Wrote this article with the motivation and explaining some steps too:
Adam Hopkins
Jun 28 2017 19:42

I have an opinion question for everyone. I am using discourse () along side my web app. The web app itself has a JS frontend and powered by django thru DRF on the backend.

In the past, I have handled authentication nicely with

But, what I really want is for a user to "login" to one place only, be it on discourse or on my web app. Discourse has this handled nicely and allows for you to implement your own single sign on solution. I am using something adopted from here:

This works nice but really only allows people credentials to my backend using DRF's SessionAuthentication. This is not really acceptable to me because my frontend will be on a different domain from my backend.

Anyone have some thoughts on what direction I should head?