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Jul 2017
Brandon Carlino
Jul 05 2017 03:25
Your index.html file name is capitalized.
Job Matheka
Jul 05 2017 03:31
@bacarlino I spent a whole day trying to solve the issue, needed fresh eyes.
Abhinandan Panigrahi
Jul 05 2017 06:23
Has anyone hosted a django app on a google cloud vm instance?
Need some help configuring ssl
Jul 05 2017 06:47
@chrzrdx Letsencrypt is good for you
Ahmed Kotb
Jul 05 2017 08:01
I have a create view, that did exactly one time double submission, how can i debug it if i cannot regenerate the situation? also keep in mind that i return HttpResponseRedirect after the post request, and lock the post button with js
any ideas what could be done here? also is using get_or_create() a good idea in this situation?
Shashank Parekh
Jul 05 2017 08:17

What is the difference between

from django.template import Template
from django.template.backends.django import Template ?

Anish Shrestha
Jul 05 2017 09:08
Need Help
Is there some tool, that can help me add password forgot like views in django-rest with Session Authentication. I found on that supports Token Authentication
But currently I am relying on Session Authentication
Any help will be appreciated.
Shashank Parekh
Jul 05 2017 11:06
@all Anyone?
Shashank Parekh
Jul 05 2017 11:40
Any good library to setup up otp sms infra?
Ilya Borovitinov
Jul 05 2017 13:00
Hello everyone
Anyone here used Django Rest Framework with django-rest-auth?
I am having a lot of trouble with google auth
Ilya Borovitinov
Jul 05 2017 13:21
For some reason regular allauth page works, but rest-auth endpoint recieves invalid_uri
But after turning the debug on, both requests send the same data, reedirect_uri included