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Jul 2017
Deepak Sharma
Jul 23 2017 06:08
Hello Guys...I need some help.. I am using Django's default password authentication class (PasswordResetView) in Django 1.11 for password resetting email. I am having Email backend as File backend. The Problem is... Django never sends an email not raises any error. here is Code for reference code . The email is well there in database and password is again a well set but still no password reset email is sent.
Deepak Sharma
Jul 23 2017 08:08
Seems like i asked a quite hard question!! Forget that!!
Can any1 gives a nice tutorial to integrate my django app with angular2..??
Konuko Jodom
Jul 23 2017 08:14

Heey guys. Morning here. I have a little bit of a problem with django forms if i have a code like below in a template rendering a form

<section class="project">
      <p>{% trans "Select the associated project" %}</p>
      <select id="project" name="project" >
        {% for project in projects %}          
          <option value={{}}
          {% if == 1 %} selected {% endif %}>{{ project.title }}</option>
        {% endfor %}        

The form field project = forms.IntegerField(required=False)
now, the bug:
My form renders appropriately. I have a select field. The value I'm using for each select option is the which I suppose must always be a positive int
When I clean my form and check for the value from the project field, I get a None instead of an number integer. IN my view: form.cleaned_data["project"] equals None. What really is the bug here??? Thanks so

Konuko Jodom
Jul 23 2017 08:21
@SanskarSans Hey there. If you still have this challenge you can check out this link .I havent done this on heroku but i figure, after installing GDAL on the vm, you'll have to install it on the virtual environment too if you are deploying your django app using one. Cheers
Janusz Kamieński
Jul 23 2017 08:40
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Brandon Carlino
Jul 23 2017 13:52
@smirnoffs @ivellios Thanks for the responses guys - after doing some more digging, I do think I'm going to favor towards organizing the templates at the project level. I'm still new to Django (and really web development in general) so I'm guessing these things will evolve for me naturally over time.
Vitaly Babiy
Jul 23 2017 19:17
@deepak1725 just have angular2 talk to the api that you build in django