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Jul 2017
Jul 24 2017 04:20
@jlugao you are using drf right?
please post your models code here
Deepak Sharma
Jul 24 2017 15:43
@vbabiy Thank you :+1: actually i was looking weather i could combine the servers of both angular and django..!! is it good practice..??
Vitaly Babiy
Jul 24 2017 15:45
@deepak1725 well angular is just static files
@deepak1725 so how ever you are server your static files you should be fine
Deepak Sharma
Jul 24 2017 15:47
@vbabiy ok.. thank you
Vitaly Babiy
Jul 24 2017 16:08
@deepak1725 np
Ian Carpenter
Jul 24 2017 19:51
so I have a ModelAdmin that has two fields in its search_fields. For the sake of optimization, however, I want to have the user only able to search one of those fields in order to take advantage of the index for that table. Is this something that's doable?