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Jul 2017
Kyle Mulka
Jul 25 2017 04:07
@Sazpaimon can you just remove the one field and try it?
Abdallah Said Sabri
Jul 25 2017 08:26
Hi all
Gugan Vignesh Selvaraj
Jul 25 2017 08:28
Hello hi
Abdallah Said Sabri
Jul 25 2017 08:29
I'm new to django and would like to know how to start with it any suggestions?
Lucas Garcia de Araújo Martins
Jul 25 2017 12:56
In Django Admin throws error in model unique_together
Kevin Blicharski
Jul 25 2017 14:29
@S3abri do the official tutorial, it's a great place to start
if you don't have any web development experience or experience with Python it might be overwhelming though
does anyone here have experience integrating Angular with a Django project?
Abdallah Said Sabri
Jul 25 2017 14:39
@kblicharski thanks for the valubale information, sadly I don't have that much experience in web development and just started to code in Python, I think it will be a bit hard
Kevin Blicharski
Jul 25 2017 14:42
@S3abri I would suggest making a basic project in vanilla Python first then, and then learning the basics of web development (HTTP, CSS/HTML)
Abdallah Said Sabri
Jul 25 2017 14:45
I know HTTP,CSS/HTML, JS, BOOTSTRAP, Java 😅 but I'm new to Python and the mvt architecture
@kblicharski Thanks again for your time and information
Jul 25 2017 14:48
Just curious, is there a channel/room for complaining about working environment?
Kevin Blicharski
Jul 25 2017 14:48

you should be fine then @S3abri
Python is really easy to learn on the fly

Django has a lot of weird quirks, like how Django views are actually controllers and Django templates are actually views

what is it that you're using Django for?
Abdallah Said Sabri
Jul 25 2017 14:53
@kblicharski I'm learning it basically to change my career path as I'm an Oracle Apps DBA, and aslo I want to build my own website
Kevin Blicharski
Jul 25 2017 14:56

you should be fine then
Django has good tutorials and amazing documentation
it helps a lot if you already have database experience, but I would still encourage you to make a basic project in Python first

Django is different enough from vanilla Python to be considered its own dialect of the language (in my opinion, anyways, there's a lot of stuff that has to be done or should be done in particular ways)

get really comfortable with OOP in Python, list comprehensions, and lambda functions
these are powerful features that will make lots of things considerably easier
Abdallah Said Sabri
Jul 25 2017 15:19
@kblicharski yeah I've started with these things at first I'm learning from I'm trying solve the problems in order to get more familiar
Kevin Blicharski
Jul 25 2017 16:02
Does anyone here have experience with django-rest-framework?
Jul 25 2017 17:48
@kblicharski yes
Guy Guidona
Jul 25 2017 18:24
Hello guys I got a problem I'm trying to implement a proxy server in python to operate 4 main operations
1- Listen to browser operations
2- Forward request to web server (web page)
3- Get response from web server (web page)
4- Send request to browser
And I'm asking if someone has ever implemented such thing and can help me with his experience