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Jul 2017
Jul 28 2017 01:16
Hey @BeautifulCodes, I know it won't be useful because of your time limit, but you should definitely think about using angular. It has the ability to do that and much more.
Jul 28 2017 05:47
How can i install gdal when using postgis?
I tried installing through pip as pip install gdal i get an error
Command "python egg_info" failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip-build-x2ihqvvf/gdal/
Jul 28 2017 06:17
Can any one suggest Best tool to monitor Django to find memory leaks
Milan Leon
Jul 28 2017 13:29
@annshress thanks a lot.. I just wonder how to create dashboard or GUI and to put in that some apps from lets say github .. Need to create button which will execute some commands from app which is installed already on my server .. Somethin like that you can execute commands in Anaconda ... I need something like that.. I mean steps how to do this
David Pineda
Jul 28 2017 13:37
@SanskarSans GDAL is a GEO library, you have to install from your apt-get or yum or whatherver, is also a library for c and a set of commands for bash
Is a wonderfull toolset to work with satelital image
David Pineda
Jul 28 2017 13:48
Jul 28 2017 14:49
So when i installed in my ubuntu machine, I have to give path of where it is installed in django as GDAL_LIBRARY = 'path' ?
David Pineda
Jul 28 2017 15:29
Maybe, i use gdal throws postgres postgis
but if you use the geos module
only ensure to install the last compatible version from the library
then try by the python shell to import and use gdal
vaibhav jain
Jul 28 2017 20:04
How to use Elasticsearch as backend?
Jul 28 2017 22:38
Haven't used it my self @vaibhav-jain but maybe try