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Sep 2017
Pachael phillip
Sep 01 2017 07:32
guys can anyone tell me why my django modelform select options and checkbox option is not showing up in my template iam using Materializecss for my front end.It renders well if i dont include the css of materialize but when i extends the base template the select and checkbox options are disappearing?Help
Anish Shrestha
Sep 01 2017 10:51
@edjroz you have to do it manually
and provide credentials in django database settings
@mosdeng_twitter that is an incomplete problem description
Eduardo Díaz
Sep 01 2017 11:08
@annshress thank you
Emmanuel Akodia
Sep 01 2017 15:24
Hello Django people...names emmanuel.
Sep 01 2017 16:00
Can anyone help me on this?