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Sep 2017
Marco Schanz
Sep 11 2017 10:03 UTC
phantomjs is depricated. I would suggest to use google chrome headless
Sep 11 2017 15:49 UTC

Does anyone know how to query the DB based on two values in the database? For example: I want all of my residents that have a LeaseStartDate that is the after their MoveOutDate. The sql would look like

SELECT * FROM Resident
WHERE MoveOutDate < LeaseStartDate

I can't find a good way to make this query from my Django project.

Sep 11 2017 16:18 UTC
I'd like to avoid using .raw because I have other things I'm filtering on, but I can use it if I have to.
Joseph Safwat Khella
Sep 11 2017 20:02 UTC
hello from Egypt guys !
i have a question,, i'm using tastypie to make an API,,, when get_all i have my result in "objects" property,,, how can i return the array directly without the "objects" key? thx
.. i'm new to django
Josef Kolář
Sep 11 2017 21:04 UTC
@Belax8 use F objects
Esterling Accime Youtube
Sep 11 2017 21:17 UTC
Hey everyone. Good to be here
I am saving Data into my Database using Django with Python
I am using the save method on their models
But every time I tried, it saved the contents twice to my database
I thought it was supposed to at least update those with the same id
Esterling Accime Youtube
Sep 11 2017 21:35 UTC
I got it working
I use update_or_create from django
Sep 11 2017 22:41 UTC
Hi guys! I inhereted a new Django site last week, and im hoping you all can help with some interesting issues i’ve encountered.
the first being a weird mod_WSGI error, thats causing a 500 server error. mod_wsgi (pid=3253): Target WSGI script '/var/djangoprojects/earthandspace/config/local-dev.wsgi' cannot be loaded as Python module.
whats good here?
different situation than the stack overflow answer
Sep 11 2017 23:19 UTC
(im trying to set up and run a virutal development environment using Hashi Vagrant