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Sep 2017
Kubat Usubaliev
Sep 15 2017 04:55
Hi everyone! Does anyone try install django-auth-ldap ob windows?
On windows
Sep 15 2017 06:24
@oguzhan-yilmaz where am I supposed to keep the files ?
Oğuzhan Yılmaz
Sep 15 2017 19:34
You don't have to keep the files anywhere. If you installed them via pip, it will stay in site-packages in your virtual env. If you downloaded them you just copy-paste them in the same project directory as your other apps
Oğuzhan Yılmaz
Sep 15 2017 21:50
Hi guys
I want to make two or three dropdown menus which are dependent on each other. It's Country, City dropdown menus and when Country is selected City dropdown menu has to be filled with proper cities. How can I make this?
I have the data, installed the django-cities-light app and filled my db with the current country, city information