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Sep 2017
Daniel van Flymen
Sep 26 2017 01:23
@LordXyTh you can create a regular form. It doesn't have to be a ModelForm. Just inherit from form.Form and build your form in HTML.
Sep 26 2017 07:27
Can anyone see at this code and help me to improve it?
Miracle Ayodele
Sep 26 2017 09:07
hi guys how to validlink in reset password work
i am writing my own custom reset password views and urls, at the stage whereby the form to reset new password is supposed to show...i get a statement saying " The password reset link was invalid, possibly because it has already been used. Please request a new password reset."
Pavel Burns
Sep 26 2017 11:21
hello world , anyone can do a code review?
for a small reward
David Pineda
Sep 26 2017 13:21
@63phc show the code!
Sep 26 2017 19:42
Hello everyone
Is there a way to load static files directly from the static folder while developing?
normally you would use the app static and when deploying do collectstatic which transfers them to the "main" static
can I use that "main" directly also while developing?
Sep 26 2017 20:22
Yes, --->
    os.path.join(BASE_DIR, "static"),