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Oct 2017
Oct 04 2017 03:30
Anish Shrestha
Oct 04 2017 10:40
Need help on django_filters...
Oct 04 2017 11:20
@annshress What kind, Whats wrong ?
Bolaji Olajide
Oct 04 2017 11:21
Hello Everyone
Zaid Hakak
Oct 04 2017 14:14
Hello Djangonauts.
Oct 04 2017 17:06
Hey everyone. I was wondering what is the best way to go when one wants to use Django with DynamoDB. Any advice or example code?
Oct 04 2017 20:16

Dumb question, is there any way to grab the password when creating a new user as plaintext when using the builtin stuff? Even if its through the admin interface as users will not be able to self register, but I have a registration form that the sales people use to sign clients up. I need to pass it to python-gpg to generate the key. I then associate the fingerprint with the user, and export the private key to a file that gets encrypted as well. I then download that private key, decrypt it, and save it a memory stick that gets given to the client.

There will be no saving of the password in plaintext before anybody worries.

I am thinking of extending the User model. Is there a signal I can use? My issue is that django basically hashes it immediately, and I can't figure out how to intercept it before it gets hashed.

Carlos Equiz
Oct 04 2017 22:25
Hi channel, I'm kind of lost with docs, and I'm wondering if anybody here knows how to pass extra context to delete_selected admin view method? I have been searching everywhere and I'm desperate to hear some ideas, thanks in advance.