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Oct 2017
Ahmed Ablak
Oct 20 2017 12:57
@Wahtdb_twitter link is broken
Oct 20 2017 13:00
I want to build a web app that includes visualisation of the data , can someone suggest something??
Ahmed Ablak
Oct 20 2017 13:02
you can use django aligned with mpld3.
Ahmed Ablak
Oct 20 2017 13:12
@Shishuii if you use mpld3 you can also store you visualizations as Text field in and display it in the templates as {{ my_visualization |safe|escape}}
Jeff Labonte
Oct 20 2017 16:49
Is there any mongodb model app that can be used with Django?
Cristian Samaniego
Oct 20 2017 17:48
how can i troubleshoot if an image doesnt uplado on a crispy form?
if i upload it from the admin interface it works
Oct 20 2017 18:44
do you usually add localhost to allowed hosts in production?
my site works fine, but reading the logs I see a lot of: Invalid HTTP_HOST header: 'localhost'. You may need to add 'localhost' to ALLOWED_HOSTS.
should I care?