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Oct 2017
Oct 22 2017 01:03
@AlexZwir_twitter yea..that was the one i coded while learning from a tutorial
Oct 22 2017 01:08
@gtie im just trying various things the earlier one gave a weird message which i posted above
Oct 22 2017 01:18
Shobhit Jain
Oct 22 2017 18:12
Sry for my question . Actually I want to learn Django and make a project in 2 weeks .Please can anyone tell me good tutorials for Django .
Shobhit Jain
Oct 22 2017 18:19
PLease help
Hargovind Singh Arora
Oct 22 2017 18:26
Plss start with documentation first or if trouble in understand that use some video tutorials on fb like "coding for entrepreneurs"
Oct 22 2017 18:38
I highly recommend the codingforentrepreneurs.. there are free videos on YouTube.. otherwise you can do the Django poll app from the docs
Oct 22 2017 21:23 'coding videos for non technical founders' well hopefully you become 'technical' after working through the videos