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Dec 2017
Dec 04 2017 00:06
Is not the uploaded image should be handle using media?
marvelous sylvester
Dec 04 2017 07:00
Hello am new to this room any help pls
Dec 04 2017 07:34
Ben Finney @marvelous sylvester: welcome! don't wait to ask, just ask. But also, don't expect that you'll get a response quickly :-)
John Vandenberg
Dec 04 2017 07:40
It looks like doesnt set an exit status when there is an exception occurring in one of the commands. Tested in 1.9 and 2.0 . Would be interested if anyone can confirm, etc. c.f. mgrp/django-distill#9
Dec 04 2017 07:50
Ben Finney @john vandenberg: When I run the command implemented in
I get a NotImplementedError (as expected) and the exit status code is 1.
Ben Finney Django 1.11.
Dec 04 2017 08:58
@marvelous3500_twitter What's the problem?
Dec 04 2017 09:11
is any one here experience with django mptt?
Dec 04 2017 09:23


Here dressing table should have same style as bed and almirah has because its a child of bedroom items not a grand child or a child of bed.

  {% recursetree nodes %}
  <li class="node">
    <a href=""
      class="{% if not node.is_leaf_node and not node.is_root_node and node.is_child_node %} child_parent {% elif node.is_leaf_node and not node.is_root_node %}leaf_node{% endif %}">
      {{ }}
      {% if node.is_root_node %}
        <span class="badge">{{ node.get_count_children }}</span>
      {% endif %}
      {% if not node.is_leaf_node %}
          <ul class="children">
            <li>{{ children }}</li>
      {% endif %}
{% endrecursetree %}
I know the problem is in line a tag where class is defined conditionally but i have no idea on how should i fix this
can anyone help me to get through this problem, please?
Andrew Backer
Dec 04 2017 10:11
Does anyone have experience with alternate translation systems for django? We are using templates for emails (through django-templated-email), and the {blocks} for body are huge; the key is the entire content. This isn't an issue itself, but its posing problems for translators since that means each change to content changes the key. I'd like to move to something that does more of an "id:string" for these. I was looking at django translate, but not sure about it. Also, transifex support would be great, i'd rather not write a custom bridge but that could be done as well.
Dec 04 2017 11:09
when I use pymysql with django(2.0) ,I got django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: "mysqlclient 1.3.3 or newer is required; you have 0.7.11.None"
John Vandenberg
Dec 04 2017 12:59
@Ben Finney, that command is in a plugin ; the problem is with unexpected exceptions in a command, not predictable problems within core like unknown commands
Dec 04 2017 13:20
any flask expert here?
i need some help
i have created a table in postgres ,and now i want to access that table in flask using flask_sqlalchemy but the table is already created and there is data inside the table
i just want to use that data in my app
and want to acces the values of the table from get and post
Leonardo D.
Dec 04 2017 21:50
What is the alternative to extra + where? I need a custom where filter
Dec 04 2017 21:58
Ben Finney @john vandenberg: Yes, the example I showed has an unexpected error 7-M the error raised is not expected, and not handled byt the management command.
I get a NotImplementedError (as expected) and the exit status code is 1.
Ben Finney @john vandenberg: do you have a simple example (simple and contrived, an extremely minimal command) that demonstrates “exits with zero exit status when an unexpected exception is raised in the command”?
Ben Finney @john vandenberg: the URL you referenced leads me to read which means your example should not involve Travis, because that complicates the scenario.