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Dec 2017
Dec 05 2017 02:36
Looking for some help with database migrations…how can I add a new column with auto-incrementing field on a production database?
a non-PK auto-incrementing field...
Dec 05 2017 02:55

The issue for my python is that how do I start using python and django whereas python is installed in the C drive and Django is installed on the D drive.

I chatted one person and he said it's okay as long as python can recognized where the Django is located.

The installation of python and Django was done by my friend who is a lecturer and I assumed that the reason he installed on D drive was because to prevent any virus.

So, now, I need to just check with tiny project or command via command prompt maybe or whatever you all knows how to check whether python on my C drive can recognized Django on my D drive??
and I am just starting to learn python and not django and I hate to see why that friend of mine did not install in the same drive that is in C as similar as the Python located, which now I confuse what to do.

He is sometimes busy so it's hard to reach him (my friend who is a lecturer), that is why I cannot just reach him in anytime.
I do apologize for everyone here, it just I am a beginner at most things in technical stuff so I ask for help, but I willing to learn hard.

Also, someoone said to me that I need to type "pip freeze" in the cmd. But. nothing happened.

Could anyone in here help me please? I really need this help

Anyone please help me?
John Vandenberg
Dec 05 2017 02:58
Dec 05 2017 02:59
@jayvdb would you mind to help me?
John Vandenberg
Dec 05 2017 03:00
sorry, not my area and I'm way too busy
@Ben Finney, see mgrp/django-distill@6fa2363 where the solution raising CommandError solved the problem.
Dec 05 2017 03:02
Anyone could help me?
Dec 05 2017 07:52
@Loki I recommend start working on Linux rather than M$ Windows
Since you are concern is security and your tools are based on OpenSource area.
By that I can guide you way to start Django. First install by pyenv and then you are good to follow any tutorial
Dec 05 2017 09:14
@MilanRgm What is your problem? I do not see your problem in the stackoverflow
Andrew Backer
Dec 05 2017 09:20
@elcolie yes, i've done all that. I'm asking for experience with alternative translation methods for different content, but integrated well into django. the django_translate seems to use ruby yml files, which are compatible it looks like with transifex, but i'm oping someone has experience.
Dec 05 2017 09:21
That's all I know too. :(
Dec 05 2017 09:59
Dec 05 2017 11:16
@elcolie The problem is in styling the category and sub-category
Did you see the dressing table ? Its a child of Bedroom Items not a child of Bed
Dec 05 2017 14:04
Anyone experiencing problems with Django 2.0 and debug-toolbar?
Dec 05 2017 15:28
@elcolie it's okay, i don't have linux and it adds another homework for me to operate linux when I have it.
@VidJa does django require to have setting after the installation?
Dec 05 2017 16:04
@VidJa Yes. I did in the beta version.
@MilanRgm Sorry my bad. I did not see it.
Dec 05 2017 17:52
@vin7788 pip freeze does not show anything it means you haven't installed any. Do you use pyenv?
Regardless of the pyenv. pip install django and then pip freeze again. You should see the django in your python environment
Adole Samuel
Dec 05 2017 18:22
Am new to django, can anyone suggest a lot simpler tutorial other than the docs?
Dec 05 2017 18:29
Ben Finney @samuel adole: Are you new to Python? New to databases? New to web development?