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Dec 2017
Paul A. Aranguren
Dec 28 2017 02:51
hey I’ve been getting this random error
whenever i try to start my server, have you guys seen it?
(env) Pauls-MacBook-Pro:stomp_cont Paul$ python runserver
  File "", line 14
    ) from exc
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Dec 28 2017 11:19
@Paulguren i think you are using python 2
guys i m using django rest framework with jwt auth . by a login form in angular 4 im sending my login information with POST to http://localhost:8000/rest-auth/login/ and i will get token and user object .. so far its good. but now how should i redirect user to dashboard ? should i write a class and check token on django(backend ) ? or instantly redirect user to a component (dashboard) in angular section ? generally
how should i continue?
Marios Panagopoulos
Dec 28 2017 17:04
can someone tell me what's the regex URLValidator uses so i can do the same validation in the frontend ?
Salar Rahmanian
Dec 28 2017 17:18
is this gitter channel an official django channel? or is iRC still the main one?
Dec 28 2017 23:28
@ultra2mh you should redirect in angular using Router navigateByUrl('some-url') method after you have successfully get your token from request but dont forget to store your token on cookies you will need this more further for the next requests