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Jan 2018
Jan 03 2018 02:37
@avocadosarelife what is the purpose of importing BASE_DIR
Shobhit Jain
Jan 03 2018 13:48
Hi guys . Actually i am working on a ml project in python and want to delpoy it on a website using django but dont know how. Any suggestions
Jan 03 2018 16:56
@avocadosarelife try this it may work
from django.conf import settings
Peter Bittner
Jan 03 2018 16:59
@avocadosarelife @mounikeshmintu Some settings in Django need absolute paths. If you want to make that relative to your project settings location (which is generally a good idea) you can determine the "base path" and reuse that in all affected settings. That's why BASE_DIR has been invented. It's not an "official" setting. See e.g.
Jan 03 2018 17:05
@mounikeshmintu mention in the view the templatename and run the for loop in the template your data would be able to view the data