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Jan 2018
Kazi Sadman Ahmed
Jan 08 2018 02:28
MEDIA_ROOT = '/Users/Paul/Desktop/data/python/django/wpdb1/cont/media' Shouldn't there be the drive letter in front like C:/?
Jan 08 2018 03:00
I would like to simulate race condition by calling POST 2 times to same endpoint
Between thread and process which one is best option here?
Jan 08 2018 05:15
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Paul A. Aranguren
Jan 08 2018 05:27
@sadmanbd No, I’m on a Linux machine.
Regardless, even on my Mac, I’m having the same issue.
Kaushal Kumar
Jan 08 2018 13:16

I have followed
tutorial to use django's default model on_save signal.

I have created UserConfig exactly like the given tutorial and added default_app_config = '' to Signal and receiver are working fine but now no warning, error or log is visible on console. And no request is also visible on console like

[08/Jan/2018 18:10:29] "GET /users/verify/rp/8e07cd2d96bd4340a3d86875b5c6502f/467231 HTTP/1.1" 301 0
How can I display logs while debugging on console?
Jan 08 2018 14:29
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Jan 08 2018 14:46
how can I use prefetch_related directly in models.QuerySet as 'default' (when I want to use it as_manager()). If I used models.Manager then I could do it in get_queryset
I doubt that it should be done in __init__ of models.QuerySet as it's a chain operation (ie. effectively I want to always do MyModel.objects.prefetch_related(...) as default without having to call the prefetch_related every time, but MyModel uses objects = MyModelQuerySet.as_manager()
Elias Perez
Jan 08 2018 17:21
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