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Jan 2018
Christoph Müller
Jan 15 2018 10:21
Hey guys, is there a common pitfall that Model.objects.all() returns a string instead of an object?
Jan 15 2018 12:18
thank you for this link @badcoder28
Jan 15 2018 13:08
hello every one, is it possible to set the verbose_name in the meta class of the model at will? that is the user can be able to change the name to what he wants
Jan 15 2018 13:22
@cmllr i don't think so unless you explicitly convert the object to string
Christoph Müller
Jan 15 2018 13:26
okay, thank you, I also just realized that I used a wrong JSON serializer isntead of django.http.JsonResponse.. Is there any possibility to include relations in the json, too?
Jan 15 2018 13:54
@fred4impact :thumbsup:
Jan 15 2018 14:58
Has anyone used django oscar?
I am trying to understand the code and flow but I did not find where the form is for adding to the basket
here variant option, i could not find from the code
Can anyone help me, please?