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Jan 2018
Jan 23 2018 02:15
Ben Finney Matt Conway (Gitter): thanks for posting the solution when you found it!
Abhijeet Kumar
Jan 23 2018 06:19
hi folks,
I just want to know that the queries which we are using on shell to get access of data from database in Django is definitely neither sql nor any database query language, then what is the technical term we can use for that? Like if someone will ask how you write queries or what language you are using then what am I supposed to tell ?
Jan 23 2018 06:32
@abhijeet1995 shell_plus from django_extensions will help you a lot. And also ipython too
Abhijeet Kumar
Jan 23 2018 06:33
I need to search for these things?
Jan 23 2018 06:34
They are tools to help you while working in the shell. I always stick with shell_plus. And you question about making queries are in the official docs already
Good Luck
Abhijeet Kumar
Jan 23 2018 06:35
Thank you!
Abhijeet Kumar
Jan 23 2018 07:42
I've my models linked with many to many relationship and later if I want to convert it into many to one then what will happen with the existing records and their relationship??
Prateek Dabas
Jan 23 2018 09:49
hi everyone
can anyone help me with my django project
i am trying to make a hotel management web app
this is my first time i am trying to make something
i figured out which all tables will be there in my database
and i know what will be the flow of my application
but i am facing difficulty in changing all of this in django
can anybody tell me how can i do that
Kyle Mulka
Jan 23 2018 14:18
@dprateek11 which part are you having difficulty with?
Changing what to Django?
Do you have Django models yet?
Harsh Patel
Jan 23 2018 17:43
Hello all, I am a newbie for Django but I know Python very well. So can anybody plz. Suggest me the best resources for learning Django
Jan 23 2018 18:46
@harsh-2711 the best way to get yourself familiar with django is to tango the documentation, it is great source for us if you are a newbie try the polls tutorial to get you quick. But if you want a thorough learning i recommend code for entrepreneur of joincfe it is a site that mainly teach on django