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Feb 2018
Sanjeev Sharma
Feb 02 2018 16:24
Hey! I am using Firebase with Django.
My database looks like this: app > clusters, operator, customer data
In customer data it is : customer data > date > time > Name, Weight,
I am using pyrebase to access data!
fbwaste = db.get(request.session['uid']).each()
Above command gives me the whole data: clusters, operator, customer data
And if I use fbwaste = db.child("customer data").get(request.session['uid'], 'customer data').each()
It gives me everything present in customer data!
But not the date, instead it goes a step further and gives me data from time.
I want to get date too.
Sanjeev Sharma
Feb 02 2018 16:29
This issue is if I use the former command... it would eventually slow down the website as DB grows.
Any idea?