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Feb 2018
Tomonso Ejang
Feb 11 2018 05:46
Hi I'm trying to work on vue in django. can anyone suggest a nice place to start
Feb 11 2018 11:21
@barcoder28 i tried but the queryset wont delete
Feb 11 2018 13:29
@Hasan-Ahmad did you really use a POST request? please check it out
Marios Panagopoulos
Feb 11 2018 22:15
one fast question : how can i order Example.objects.filter(id__in = set(example_ids) ) by the order of the set ?
Fortune Tede
Feb 11 2018 22:38
Just do
@MariosPanag that is if you want to order form new instance
Marios Panagopoulos
Feb 11 2018 22:44
I meant to have a list with ids like [6,1,5] and filter but preserve the order but nvm because i just found it :)
ty for reply though :)
Siddhant Dubey
Feb 11 2018 22:54
Hey guys can you suggest some projects to help me learn django better
Feb 11 2018 23:42
@MariosPanag sharing your answer would be nice
Siddhant Dubey
Feb 11 2018 23:51
@badcoder28 Thanks!