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Feb 2018
Feb 13 2018 02:12 UTC
How to write a middleware to convert all http to https if the response is a redirect?
Mukul Agrawal
Feb 13 2018 04:26 UTC
Hello!!! I am Mukul Agrawal, a Computer Science undergrand at LNMIIT, Jaipur, India. I am an intermediate python-django enthusiast and want to contribute to Django . I am looking forward towards GSoC2018. I am pretty much interested in Formset improvements project. I would be great if someone could give me guidance for initiation steps. Thank You
Feb 13 2018 05:14 UTC
@mukul09 Hello there! In django community there are guides how to contribute to django development you can subscribe to their newsletter and there are lots of active contributors around.
Mukul Agrawal
Feb 13 2018 05:18 UTC
@badcoder28 thanks
Akshat Maheshwari
Feb 13 2018 09:44 UTC
Hello! I am Akshat Maheshwari, a CS undergrad from IIIT Hyderabad. I am a python an django developer. I want to start contributing in your org for GSOC
Rodney Jan Mandap
Feb 13 2018 10:16 UTC
Hi guys, is there a way to migrate a wordpress site to django?
Feb 13 2018 16:06 UTC
Hello Is anyone here?
I'm using the new ArrayField for postgresql
but I'm getting all the data back escaped. How can I unescape everything inside an array?
i.e. . decode() doesn't work since it's a list